Save the planet by saving money.

Using reusable cups is cool. But you can do better – and so can your savings. Don’t waste your time finding the right funds. Our impact monitoring does the work for you to ensure they’re good for the planet.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees. But it can keep ‘em growing.

Here’s what you gonna do: Instead of just sticking your money in your bank account not knowing where it ends up (maybe in fossil fuel investments), you invest it in the world you wanna see. Renewable energies? Circular economy? Healthy forests? Here’s our app!

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We give all the Fs - Funds for Future.

A lot of funds pretend they’re green but can they prove it? Yes we can: Think of our impact analysis as an x-ray machine. It screens sustainable funds to ensure they meet our high standards. Questions? We’re here to answer them all.

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Save the world by saving money.

By investing your money in companies taking climate action today, you co-create the world of tomorrow. We make your voice heard and give you the app to create a positive impact with your savings – and support what matters to you.

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High expectations? Same here.

Start small, think big: With as little as 20 € or a monthly savings plan, it’s up to you! Every single one of our funds is selected with sustainability and returns in mind. Because environmentally friendly investing shouldn’t limit your financial freedom.

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We put the fun in funds.

We can’t save the world on our own. But together, we can become climate activist investors, reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, and create a cooler future for everyone. We are ready – are you?

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What our community says about Cooler Future:

The App I was waiting for!


Easy to understand, well developed and fun to handle! Thank you Cooler Future for this great product, will finally start investing.

Ratte2 - App Store

Great app to invest better


I feel good that I can invest in financial products that have a more positive environmental impact than the rest of the market. Also good that it’s available in an app and with info on the projected impact of my money.

con1984 - App Store

Investing with Impact


These are the kinds of apps and initiatives that are needed to make a difference. So far, app looks clear and easy to use - and does what I'm looking for.

Ville M. - Play Store

Frequently asked questions
Help desk
What is impacting investing?
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There’s no one single solution to climate change. But with sustainable investing, we can all do our part. How? By redirecting your investments to companies that protect the natural world and build solutions for the future, you can support the world towards its transition to a green economy. Learn more here.

Will I have to pay any fees when investing via Cooler Future?
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To make sure your investments are handled with the utmost care, each fund charges a management fee plus some additional expenses, such as legal fees, auditor fees, and other operational expenses, adding up to the total costs of each fund. As the total costs are different for each fund, please refer to the Documents & Costs section of each fund on our website to see the respective costs.

How long does it take to complete a transaction?
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It usually takes 4-7 business days for a transaction to be completed. Learn more here.

Why should I trust Cooler Future with my investments?
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Cooler Future aims to provide returns while creating a positive impact on climate change. There are a few reasons why you can trust us: we have an experienced team; we're transparent about our metrics; we partner up with top companies in the financial industry; and we take data security very seriously. Learn more here.