360° impact view of your current and future investments

We have the capabilities to turn your portfolio into something greater. With Cooler Future you can get a full impact review of your current investments and insight into how to create more impact in the future.

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Analysing your portfolio

At Cooler Future our mission is to make investing greener - and we really mean green - not washed. We have created a unique analysis to get all relevant impact data together, and apply that to your portfolio. Through this analysis we can give you all the climate-related impact information that you are looking for.

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Impact driven recommendations

Based on our proprietary analysis we can analyse the impact of your portfolio, as well as highlight actions you can take to increase impact in the future. To align your portfolio with your values our recommendations can be amended based on specific interests or goals.

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Find impactful assets

Planning to deep-dive into an industry, market or a specific theme? Building an impact portfolio from scratch is a heavy process. Based on the capabilities we have built, we can help you find an investment universe with a positive climate impact. We have detailed thematic experience and capabilities that we can use to find new impactful assets or create a potential investment universe for you. 

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High expectations? Same here.

Start small, think big! Although we can't foresee the future, we can make data based assumptions on how your investment could develop. Explore how you could grow your money (and climate impact!) over time.

Initial investment: 
Monthly savings:



years, your investment is expected to grow to


( Range between





This amount consists of




( before taxes, but after fees )

You would have payed


in fees.

Capital at risk. The 3 scenarios assume average yearly fees of 1,92% (based on the average of all funds offered on Cooler Future) and average yearly returns (before fees) of 5% , 7.5% and 10% (based on historic performance and reasonable assumptions of long term equity market development, which is not a guarantee for future performance and only serves as a base for assumptions). For example, the average 3yr annualised (yearly) return for the period 2019-2022 of the funds on the Cooler Future platform has been 11.52% before fees (as of 26/07/2022).

What do investment professionals think of us?

Fantastic app


I never invested before, but the sustainable approach of cooler future made me try it. I have to say it’s a fantastic way to put your money into something you believe in while also taking care of your own financial future!

Mock_B - App Store

Great app to invest better


I feel good that I can invest in financial products that have a more positive environmental impact than the rest of the market. Also good that it’s available in an app and with info on the projected impact of my money.

con1984 - App Store

Investing with Impact


These are the kinds of apps and initiatives that are needed to make a difference. So far, app looks clear and easy to use - and does what I'm looking for.

Ville M. - Play Store