Impact at the core of everything we do

From day one we have built our products based on being as great as possible in calculating and showing impact. While we are not perfect, we stick to the promise of being the best version possible at all times. With our efforts we hope we can do our part in changing the whole industry to be more impact driven.

Here’s how we keep it simple: We offer you access to financial markets so everyone can support climate-friendly companies, help reduce emissions, and co-create tomorrow’s world.

How it started

We were fed up searching for sustainable investments that were actually sustainable. So in 2019, we rolled up our sleeves and built Cooler Future. The idea of building things impact first has stayed and will continue to lead our way.

How it’s going

Truthfully? There’s a lot to do. We’re staying laser focused so we can get where we want to go faster. Helping move more and more capital towards more transparent and impactful investments.

Meet the team

We are an international team of individuals that are passionate about solving the climate crisis. Get to know the people behind Cooler Future what motivates us every day to work on our vision of stopping climate change.



After working in tech for many years, I finally want to create something which can have a lasting positive effect on society.


Impact Lead

I want to help more individuals, companies and investors to see beyond the monetary value of their decisions, and more effectively move money where it has a better chance of making the difference needed to slow down climate change and keep our world inhabitable also for future generations.



My passion towards the topic comes from my relationship with nature and the importance it has played in my life. Seeing the change is scary and after years of building companies internationally, I want to put my time into something that can create a positive impact and play a role in slowing down climate change.


Quantitative Analyst

I come from Venice and want to fight climate change to protect my city from disappearing.

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