Investing isn’t for everyone. Cooler Future is.

We want to change the way you think about investing. So what did we do? Made it easy, transparent, and fun – naturally.

Here’s how we keep it simple: We offer you access to financial markets so everyone can support climate-friendly companies, help reduce emissions, and co-create tomorrow’s world.

How it started

We were fed up searching for sustainable investments that were actually sustainable. So in 2019, we rolled up our sleeves and built Cooler Future. (Sounds simple, but it wasn't. We’re just happy there's a platform that spares you our experience back then.)

How it’s going

Truthfully? There’s a lot to do. We’re staying laser focused so we can get where we want to go faster: to an economy without fossil fuels thanks to a community that fights climate change with investments.

Your money has an impact (unless you keep it under your mattress).

And that’ll hurt your back, and your return. No matter how much you’re saving, where you keep your money matters – in your bank account or an environmentally friendly investment. Studies suggest it’s one of the biggest contributor to your personal footprint. Wanna leave a positive impact? We’re here to help.

Leave the stress behind – and watch your money work.

You make hundreds of decisions every day. Here’s a smart one: Leave the headache of finding investments that make a measurable difference to us. Our rigorous data-driven analysis finds the good guys driving our world’s transformation – and lets you track their impact, too.

Picture this: Needles in a haystack.

Investing sustainably shouldn’t feel impossible. We triple check all our funds on impact and return. No need to compromise. This way:

Initial Screening

We chose our funds from a list of over 2,000 sustainability and impact funds.

Each of the available investing themes has a subset of funds that match with our sustainability objectives. The first phase is to narrow down the pool of candidates.

Ranking & excluding

Funds are graded & ranked based on strict impact & performance criteria.

All of the companies in which the fund invests are subjected to stringent impact and performance evaluations. Funds must also meet our stringent ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards to be considered; those that do not pass are discarded.

Finial Review & Selection

The top funds are shortlisted, and their strategic direction is evaluated.

The final decision is based on ESG, impact and financial criteria as well as fund manager's strategy. In both the short & long term, the funds available in the app are expected to excel in their thematic investment approach.

Still curious?

We've got a whitepaper that delves further into our fund selection process.

Selection report