Together for a cooler future

We believe that true change is only possible if we transform the way we think and live on all levels - economically, individually and politically.

Cooler Future supports this mission by providing companies that actively aim to reduce emissions with the capital they need to make a difference.

With our change maker network, we want to go one step further and give inspiration about our partners that educate about different aspects of a sustainable lifestyle or provide sustainable products and services.

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Meet the change maker of tomorrow

Every member of the change maker network is an official partner of Cooler Future* and shares our values of transparency, honesty and optimism. If you are interested in the respective fields of our partners, also check out the according Cooler Future impact funds that allow you to invest in public companies within that theme.

Founder of Winqs
Circular Economy

Winqs is the first sports brand in the world to manufacture all of their running shoes, apparel and accessories with bio-based or recycled materials, certified carbon-neutral and with a transparent circular concept.

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Ostrom team picture
Smart Energy

Ostrom is an energy provider relying fully on renewable energy produced in Germany. They provide complete transparency on their tariff and all processes can be managed easily in the Ostrom app.

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Faircado Team Image
Circular Economy

Faircado is the first AI-powered search and comparison platform for second-hand products, automatically finding you the best second-hand alternative for exactly what you are looking for online - to make you save time, money and CO2.

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Tourlane Company Logo
Smart mobility

Tourlane is the first tour operator in Germany and the EU to set science-based targets in line with the 1.5°C Paris Agreement. They also offset their Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions, including customer trips and flights.

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Correspondents of the world team
Forestry and Timber
Correspondents of the world

Correspondents of the World is a non profit foundation that aims to foster understanding between people by sharing personal stories on SDG topics like climate change, human rights or migration.

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*Disclaimer: Please note that the above companies are not included in the portfolios of the investment funds offered on the Cooler Future platform.