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We believe that climate change can only be stopped if we work together and tackle different areas of everyones life. That's why we launched our partnership program to collaborate with sustainable brands and support each other increasing the impact of the "good guys" in the market. Find out what is in it for you!

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A head start into impact

Cooler Future partner brands receive individual promotion codes giving your customers access to exclusive investment bonuses in the form of their favourite funds shares - Good for the planet and your customers wallet.

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Spreading the word

Get featured in the Cooler Future media channels. We create tailored content about how your brand approaches climate change and promote it in our newsletter, blog or the change maker network, a dedicated section where we feature individuals and brands in the sustainability space.

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Company Workshop

Knowledge is power

Our finance experts share their knowledge about impact investing and sustainable finance with you. Learn how to differentiate greenwashing from real climate impact and how changing the way we think about money can be a part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Explore our previous collaborations

We choose carefully to only partner with companies that are already putting sustainable practices in the focus of their daily activities or are willing to transition their activities to a more sustainable way. Check out some of the collaborations we have done in the past:

Miriam Aroundhome
Miriam - Climate Officer at Aroundhome

"The cooler future workshop was very helpful and gave us a lot of food for thought regarding the footprint of money and how to start acting with impact investing."

Stuart - Phiture
Stuart - Design Lead at Phiture

"Cooler Futures gave us a compelling introduction into the world of sustainable investment. The balance between enough detail for those already investing, and approachability for complete newbies, meant that there was something for everyone. Their knowledge of the field, and their passion for the mission was evident, and highly inspiring."

Linda - unown picture
Linda - Co-Founder at Unown

"Cooler Future is working on one of THE issues that will give us a livable future: Sustainable Finance. For me as an impact founder, they are therefore a fantastic partner."

If you are interested in a partnership, reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Although we have highlighted specific offers, we are always open to discuss new options and tailor the partnership to your needs.