How your money is protected

Transparency is one of our core values at Cooler Future. To practice what we preach, let's dive a bit deeper into our business model and how we provide a professional and secure way to invest while supporting climate impact.

Your money is protected
Our partners

Your portfolio. Your business.

Your account will be managed by Baader Bank, our trusted banking partner which is supervised by the German Federal Financial Authority (BaFin).

If you invest with Cooler Future, your investments are always yours and yours alone. Legally, it is considered a separate asset and is therefore protected from the insolvency of Baader Bank or Cooler Future.

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The best of the best

Our impact & investing team collaborates with asset managers like Pictet or Robeco that align with our values.

We check every decision they make to ensure that the funds on our platform are not only supporting the planet but are also set up for financial returns.

Fair and transparent pricing

In order to ensure that we can uphold our high standards of openness and climate impact reporting, we finance ourselves by charging a small management fee.

To keep it simple and fair, there are no output markups, depot fees or issue surcharges when investing with Cooler Future.

Ongoing costs
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What are the ongoing costs?

Ongoing charges are annual costs associated with running a mutual fund. These encompass the fund's management fee, service or custody fees and other professional fees. Ongoing charges are usually based on the costs over the last calendar year and may vary from year to year. The ongoing charges are automatically counted in the investment performance.

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Issue surcharge
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What are issue surcharges?

The issue surcharges are additional costs that are payed by the buyer once when investing in funds or other assets.

They are usually used as compensation for consultancy or sales services by the provider of the fund.

When investing 1000€ with an issue surcharge of 5%, you would only receive funds shares worth 950€ as 50€ would go directly to the provider.

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Up to 5%
Min. investment
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What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment amount is the amount that is needed to buy shares of the funds as part of a one-off investment or savings plan.

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Frequently asked questions
Help desk
What is impacting investing?
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There’s no one single solution to climate change. But with sustainable investing, we can all do our part. How? By redirecting your investments to companies that protect the natural world and build solutions for the future, you can support the world towards its transition to a green economy. Learn more here.

Will I have to pay any fees when investing via Cooler Future?
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To make sure your investments are handled with the utmost care, each fund charges a management fee plus some additional expenses, such as legal fees, auditor fees, and other operational expenses, adding up to the total costs of each fund. As the total costs are different for each fund, please refer to the Documents & Costs section of each fund on our website to see the respective costs.

How long does it take to complete a transaction?
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It usually takes 4-7 business days for a transaction to be completed. Learn more here.

Why should I trust Cooler Future with my investments?
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Cooler Future aims to provide returns while creating a positive impact on climate change. Here are a few reasons why you can trust us: we have an experienced team; we're transparent about our metrics; we partner up with top companies in the financial industry; and we take data security very seriously. Learn more here.